How to use a registered nick

Once you have registered your nick, the next step is to use it. To do this, once you have entered a chat room with your registered nickname, the system will give you a time (by default it is one minute) to identify yourself with your password and that, in this way, no one else can use your nickname. To identify yourself, you just have to enter the following command:

  1. Identify yourself . Once your nickname is registered, every time you connect to the chat you must log in or "identify yourself" by typing the following command in the chat input line (you have a minute to identify yourself, otherwise the system will change your nick to one of type GuestXXX). Please note to replace yourPassword with the password you chose in the nick registration .

    /ns identify suContraseña
  • Change password .

    /ns SET PASSWORD nuevopass

  • Forgot password . In the case of not remembering your password, you must follow some actions within the chat that are detailed below.

    Type the command to request to reset your password
    /ns RESETPASS nick
    After the previous command, you will receive an email with a code to the email address with which you registered your nickname, you must validate the code:
    /ns ENTERCODE código
    Then you will be assigned a temporary password, you must identify yourself with this password:
    /ns IDENTIFY tempcontraseña
    Finally you can include the password you want using the command to change password:
    /ns SET PASSWORD nuevacontra

  • Ask about registered nick . You can also consult information to know if a nick is registered or, to know more details about a given nick, such as the date of the last connection. To do this, type the following command in the chat input line:

    /ns info nick all

  • Hide your nick information . If you want other users not to be able to consult information about your registered nickname, such as the email address, you must use the following commands:

    /ns set hide EMAIL ON
    /ns set hide STATUS ON
    /ns set hide USERMASK ON

  • Include your social networks in your registration information . If you want other users, making use of displaying their nickname information, to see the information of their social networks such as twitter, facebook or the url of a web page, you must use the following commands:

    /ns set FACEBOOK NombreUsuario
    /ns set TWITTER @NombreUsuario
    /ns set URL url

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