Register your own chat channel

Who can register a chat channel?

Any user can register channels in our chat. This is and will be something free and free. You only need to have one registered.

How do I register a chat channel?

To register a channel you have to follow the following steps in the chat entry line:

  1. Create a channel. To create a channel you just have to choose a desired name for the channel. This name must consist only of letters (A to Z), numbers (0 to 9, but not as the first character) and certain symbols such as "_" and "-". It can be a maximum of 32 characters. Please be aware of choosing suitable names without inappropriate terms, otherwise the channel may be removed without prior notice. Once the name of the channel has been chosen, you must include the following command:

    /join #NombreCanal

    The channel does not have to be an already registered channel, if so, you will only enter the channel as a user and will not be able to register it. You have to be the first to enter the channel and then, you will automatically obtain operator privileges to register the channel.

  2. Assign ownership of the channel. To be assigned as the owner of the channel, you will have to write the following command in the chat input line:

    /cs register #NombreCanal

Please note that all channels created must respect the rules of our chat rooms and not be created for malicious purposes, otherwise they will be removed without prior notice.

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