Set up your own chat channel

Below are the commands necessary to perform a basic configuration of a chat channel created in our chat:

  • Assign a topic. So that channel users have a clear idea of ​​the channel's theme, it is convenient to assign a topic that will be shown to the user when they enter the channel. For this matter you have to write the following command:

    /topic Este es un tópico de ejemplo

  • Assign a Bot. The Bot is a system that acts as a user that will help you control some aspects of the channel, such as repeats, caps lock and flood control. To assign a Bot to your channel, type the following command in the chat input line:

    /bs assign #NombreCanal Bot

  • Configure a Bot. If you have already assigned a Bot to your channel, the following commands will help you maintain proper channel settings (for more details on configuring a Bot see the following reference ):

    /bs kick repeat #NombreCanal on 3 3
    /bs kick flood #NombreCanal on 3 7 20
    /bs kick caps #NombreCanal ON 4 25 35

  • Additional settings. Some specific configurations are specific to the Mibbit chat system used in our channels (to auto-connect and view recent conversations when entering a channel), other configurations are specific to the server used in our chat (to avoid flooding); but these settings will be very useful in your chat channel, you just have to enter the following commands:

    /autoconnect on
    /recentchat on
    /mode #NombreCanal +f 3:2
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