Moderate a chat channel

Although our chat system has user list entries to moderate a channel, you can also do moderation using commands on the chat entry line. Below are the commands necessary for the moderation of a chat channel created in our chat:

  • Kick a user. To remove a user from the chat room (they can re-enter immediately):

    /kick Nick Motivo expulsión

  • Ban a user nickname. Although it is not highly recommended, you can ban a specific nick from the chat (no user can enter with that nick):

    /mode #NombreCanal +b Nick

  • Ban a user indefinitely. If you want to ban a specific user from the chat channel (you will not be able to re-enter with the same IP until it is unbanned):

    /mode #NombreCanal +b Hostname

  • Unban a user. If you want to unban a previously banned nick or user:

    /mode #NombreCanal -b Nick/Hostname

  • You can query the hostname of a user through the command:

    /whois Nick

  • Assign an operator to a channel. If you are the creator of a chat channel, you can assign other users who have your nick registered as operators as follows:

    /cs AOP #NombreCanal ADD nick

  • Remove operator from a channel. If you are the creator of a chat channel, you can remove as operator a user previously assigned as operator in the following way:

    /cs AOP #NombreCanal DEL nick
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