Are they sending your phone, email or address through chat?

This site includes a real-time chat, therefore, the data of the conversations is not stored. Users who are detected committing infractions in the rooms are banned from the channels, but if a user is committing an infraction in private, it is impossible to be detected by our channel operators.

How can I protect myself against identity theft?

Our records store the nick of entry or exit to the chat, the connection time and the IP address associated with the user. These three pieces of information allow us to identify an offender. But these data cannot be provided to an ordinary citizen, only to justice. Therefore, you have to report this offender, the courts contact us and we provide the data to them. These data can only be transferred to members of the state security forces, upon presentation by the interested party of the corresponding complaint, not even the theater operators have access to this data.

Helpful hint

What you should do to facilitate the location of an offender of this type is, the next time you receive a call, email or WhatsApp ask the issuer the following information:
the offender's nickname , the date and time the infraction occurred. This information will be necessary at the time of filing a complaint with the corresponding judicial authority, which will be the one that will contact us.

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