I have been improperly kicked out of a chat room

First of all, think about whether you have taken any prohibited action in the chat or if you really know the rules that the chat operators apply. In case you are not sure, read carefully the rules of our chats. Depending on the room you were in, it could be the hot chat rules or the common room rules , which do not include hot topics. In general, these are the rules that must be followed in all chat rooms:

* NO to conflictive behavior: do not chat making attacks related to any political, religious group or ideas. Avoid fighting, bullying, aggression, defamation, harassing other users and using inappropriate language.
* NO to SPAM and repetition : never advertise other sites or chat rooms here, or repeat messages constantly. The rest of the users will thank you.
* NO to prohibited topics: we have no tolerance for chatting about topics that involve illegal activities in general.

If you believe that you have duly complied with all of the above, then:

* If it is an improper expulsion : collect as much information as you can (only claims with information will be taken), which helps to verify that you have been unjustly expelled and to be able to identify your access data in order to lift the expulsion. This may include your access nick, time the event occurred, the chat room where it occurred, an explanation of the conflict situation or some type of record of the event (such as screenshots where possible). Send all the information collected by email to the address [email protected] , we will analyze the case and give you a response, as soon as possible.
* If you do not know the reason for a network expulsion : in this case your IP address may have been banned through a Z-LINE type ban. Send a screenshot showing the entry to the chat, or failing that your banned IP address, to the email address [email protected]

* If you do not know the reason for an expulsion

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