5 Ways to Create and Share a QR Code for a Web Page in Chrome

Scanning QR codes can be fun, but how about you can generate QR codes to share your favorite websites and webpages in Google Chrome? Here are the top ways to create and share a QR code for webpage links in Chrome.

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Create and share a QR code for a webpage in Chrome

Sometimes you may want to share web pages or website links via QR codes that users can quickly scan to visit the site on their Android or iPhone. Luckily, it’s quite easy and can be done via different methods presented below.

Method 1 – Create QR Code via Built-in Feature in Chrome

Google Chrome natively allows you to share a link to a web page by creating its QR code. Follow these simple steps to generate a QR using this method.

1. Open the desired web page in Google Chrome and click on the Share icon top right.

2. Then click on the QR Code option to generate a QR for the related website link.

Create a QR Chrome webpage

3. Click on the Download button to download the QR code to your system. You can also scan the code directly on your phone to open the webpage.

Create a QR Chrome webpage

Want to share websites across multiple devices? Besides using QR, here are other ways to share webpage links from Chrome to phone.

Method 2 – Use Chrome Extensions to Generate QR Code for Webpage

Another effective method to generate QR codes for the website of your choice is to use Chrome extensions. One such popular extension goes by the name of Current page URL to QR code which does exactly what it is named for.

1. Visit the URL extension page of the current page to the QR code in Chrome.

2. Click on Add to Chrome > Add Extension.

Website URL to QR Code in Chrome

3. Then navigate to the desired website in a new tab and open extension to generate its associated QR code.

Website URL to QR Code in Chrome

4. A QR code will be instantly presented to you on the screen with the embedded website link.

Website URL to QR Code in ChromeYou can scan this code directly from any other device to open the website there.

Method 3 – Use Online Tools to Generate Webpage QR Code

In addition to extensions, you can also generate a QR code for your favorite website using free online tools to share with your friends.

1. Go to the QR code generator website.

2. Following, enter name/link of your desired website and choose from different frames available to get a QR code according to your taste.

3. To customize the QR code, you can personalize it by changing its Color and add your logo.

4. When finished, click the To download button to export it to your system.

You can now share this QR code with your friends or scan it from other devices to access their website.

Method 4 – Use Third Party Software to Share Websites with QR Code

There are many free online software on the internet that offers to create free QR codes to share any website link. One such popular software in this category is known as QR-Code Studio through which you can design and create your custom QR on PC or Mac.

1. Download QR-Code Studio on your system and install it.

2. Enter the website url to create the associated code to share it.

3. To save the QR code, click the Save icon to export it to your system.

4. That’s it. Now you can share this QR code anywhere to open any webpage you want.

Method 5 – Share Files Instantly Using QR Code

In addition to using QR codes to share webpage links, you can use them to quickly transfer data and files between devices. Follow these steps to get the same result.

1. Access Sharedrop in a new tab in your browser. It is a free web application that allows you to securely share files between devices without uploading them to a server.

2. Then click on the + icon in the upper right corner of the screen and scan the QR code generated from another device to start file sharing.

3. Your system will automatically relate to the other device after a successful scan of the QR code.

4. You can now click on the device icon and share files instantly.

Bonus: Create QR codes to share Wi-Fi passwords

Now that you have learned how to share web page links and files using QR codes, you should try creating QR codes to share your WiFi passwords. Follow this quick read to share your WiFi password without revealing it with QR codes.

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We hope you have now learned how to create QR codes to instantly share web pages using the methods listed above. If this guide helped you do so, hit the like button and share this read with your friends to make their digital lives easier. Stay tuned for more awesome readings.

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