A web page slows down your browser for Firefox

If you have used Mozilla Firefox, at one or the other step, you must have encountered a message – A web page is slowing down your browser. Users have the option to “wait” or “stop” the troublesome web page. Sometimes both choices don’t work. You can close the browser but that means losing your data, and more is not a permanent solution.

Additionally, some users may not be able to close the browser window. It hangs up and stops responding. Despite several reports, Mozilla has not been able to resolve the issue as it occurs with the latest browser versions.

A web page slows down your browser – Firefox

This error usually occurs while browsing large pages or video sites like Google Maps, YouTube, etc. You can try the following solutions sequentially to resolve the issue:

  1. Clear cookies and site data
  2. Update your graphics card driver
  3. Change some settings for Firefox
  4. Turn off Adobe Flash Protected Mode
  5. Use private browsing mode
  6. Change the tracking protection level
  7. Install available updates
  8. Disable JavaScript

1]Clear cookies and site data

An incompatibility between the cache stored on the system and the site data can be the cause of the problem. So we could erase the same. The procedure for deleting cookies and site data is as follows:

Enter the following address in the address bar of the Firefox browser about: preferences # privacy.

Scroll to Cookies and site data heading and click Erase data.

Clear cookies
Check the boxes for cache and cookies and click Clear.

Clear cookies, site data, cached web content
Restart Firefox.

2]Update your graphics card driver

The relationship between drivers and browser pages is that if you try to open a graphics intensive website, it consumes a lot of resources. It points out the browser which might force to close the annoying web page. To avoid such a situation, the best we can do is keep the graphics card drivers up to date.

Update the graphics card driver

  1. Open the Run (Win + R) prompt and type devmgmt.msc.
  2. Press Enter to open the Device Manager the window.
  3. Expand the list of Screenshot taken and right click on the graphics card driver.
  4. To select Update the driver.
  5. Restart the system when finished.

If that doesn’t work, there are several ways to update drivers in Windows 10.

3]Modify some settings for Firefox

A web page slows down your browser

  1. Copy the address about: config at the address bar and press Enter. This will open a warning page. To select I accept the risk proceed.
  2. In the search bar at the top of the page, search for processSuspend.
  3. It would display two entries dom.ipc.processHangMonitor and dom.ipc.reportProcessHangs.
  4. Right-click on these entries and click the Toggle from True to False.
  5. Restart the browser and check if it fixes your problem.

4]Disable Adobe Flash Protected Mode

If updating the above does not help, turn off Adobe Flash Protected Mode as follows.

Launch the Firefox browser, click the Menu button and choose Add-ons. Then select the Plugins option to expand the full list of installed plugins.

Then uncheck the box marked against “Enable Adobe Flash Protected Mode“Entrance to the Shockwave Flash.

This can only be a temporary measure, as disabling Adobe Flash Protected Mode could make your PC “less secure”.

5]Use private browsing mode

Sometimes you might be able to fix this problem by browsing the website in private mode. Almost all web browsers have this feature and you can use it without any add-ons, custom settings or the like. Therefore, try this solution and check whether it fixes the problem or not.

6]Change the tracking protection level

A web page slows down your browser - Firefox

By default, Firefox uses the Standard tracking protection. However, you can switch between other levels and check if that fixes your problem or not. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Firefox browser on your computer.
  • Click the Menu button and select Settings.
  • Switch to the Privacy and Security tongue.
  • Click on the Strict Protection level.
  • Restart the browser and check.

Hope this will solve your problem in a few moments.

7]Install available updates

If you are using a beta version, it is a common problem to occasionally have bugs. Therefore, you can try to update your browser to the next available version in order to resolve the issue.

8]Disable JavaScript

Sometimes JavaScript can cause this problem in the browser. Therefore, it is better to disable or disable JavaScript on the Firefox browser. To turn off JavaScript in your browser, follow this step-by-step guide.

How do I fix my browser slowdown in Firefox?

If your Firefox browser is quite slow compared to the default state, it is best to follow these steps. You can turn off unnecessary add-ons, use the default theme, use fewer add-ons, etc.

What does web page slowing down your browser mean?

If Firefox shows that a web page is slowing down your browser, that means you need to close the tab to make your browser fast enough. In other words, this particular tab consumes more resources than usual resulting in your browser being sluggish.

Hope this helps to fix this annoying problem in Firefox.

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