Alberta Responds to Vaccine Passports FAQ with New Webpage

EDMONTON – As more private companies and municipalities announce that they will require proof of vaccination, the Government of Alberta has released a list of frequently asked questions about vaccination records and vaccination passports.

The website was unveiled Thursday by Health Minister Tyler Shandro in a Twitter thread.

“To be clear, the Government of Alberta does not and will not require a so-called ‘household-use vaccine passport,’ he tweeted.

“Other jurisdictions (provinces / countries) may have different requirements than the Government of Alberta [sic] does not control.

He explained that Albertans can access their immunization records online by going to the Alberta MyHealth Records website or app.

“Albertans already receive proof of vaccination when they get vaccinated, whether it is from AHS, pharmacies or a doctor,” Shandro added.

“But some Albertans, for whatever reason, still hope to receive a more formal document (eg for international travel).”

There are 11 questions posted on the Shandro-related website, including: “Will some private businesses and municipalities require Albertans to show proof of vaccination?” “

“Some private companies and municipalities have announced their intention to require proof of vaccination to access their businesses or services. This is not the decision of the Government of Alberta, ”the website response reads.

“Decisions of private businesses and municipalities can be subject to legal challenges by individual Albertans.


Another question asks if the Government of Alberta will require people to show their immunization status in order to access services, to which the website’s answer is simply “no”.

The website also explains that the province will not automatically share your immunization records with the federal government.

“Albertans will have to register voluntarily with the federal government if they wish to participate in the federal program when it is launched,” he said. “An Albertan’s immunization status will not be shared with the federal government – or any other entity – without that Albertan’s consent. “

The Alberta Department of Health announced Thursday that it plans to allow Albertans to download a card-sized hard copy of their vaccination record to use as proof of vaccination.

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