Cranbury School District Creates Webpage for Referendum Draft Updates

The Cranbury Township School District has launched a district web page to keep the school community and township residents informed of the progress of the referendum plans.

The dedicated webpage can be found on the district’s website and provides information on each of the projects approved in the referendum and an expected timeline for the start of construction on each project and the expected month of completion.

“We are thrilled to share this journey with the Cranbury community,” school board chair Pramod Chivate said in a statement. “These projects represent an important investment in the future of Cranbury School, and we are committed to respecting community support by committing to timely and transparent updates.”

Voters in the township approved the school referendum – 557 “yes” and 328 “no” votes – on December 14, 2021.

Construction on the first Referendum Project is scheduled to begin March 1, 2023, which includes renovations to the main office and nurses’ suite. Projects are expected to be completed by September 4, 2023.

The new office will create more space for meetings and provide more security. The current main office is a multipurpose space. Teachers receive mail, deliveries and hold confidential meetings in this area, school officials said.

A security vestibule will be constructed as part of the project. The nurse’s suite is undergoing a renovation to increase space and allow for a separate area for students’ school health records.

The Academic Commons is another project with construction scheduled to begin on March 1, 2023. The project is also expected to be completed by September 4, 2023.

The area space was once the home of the Cranbury Public Library. The academic commons will have a creative space and a media center, school officials said.

After the initial plans, there is the construction of the greenhouse classroom which will contain the Cranbury Schools aquaponics system in an outdoor courtyard.

The project is scheduled to begin on June 20, 2023 and end on September 4, 2023. Middle school locker replacement will also take place during the life of the project.

A new arts education center is scheduled to begin construction on June 20, 2023, and completion is expected to be September 2, 2024.

The Center solves the school’s current problems with seating and stage space, which is limited in the current combination of gymnasium and auditorium, school officials said.

The space, which can accommodate 600 people, is not only for the school community, but also for residents of the Cranbury community.

The Center will allow students to work with a virtual screen for productions and performances, have audiovisual and visual arts, graphic arts, broadcasting, dance, costumes, scenography and construction, depending on the school district.

Referendum plans for a new parking lot and black roof behind the school are scheduled to begin June 20, 2024 and are expected to be completed by September 5, 2024.

Renovation and construction of science classrooms for the middle school begins June 21, 2024, and expected completion is September 5, 2024.

The project includes two middle school science classes. One science classroom will see upgrades to its lab stations and a second classroom will have separate lab stations installed.

“We welcome open and honest dialogue throughout the process,” Chivate said. “These spaces are meant to benefit our students and our community, and we believe the community should be well informed about the progress of their investments.”

In other school construction news

Construction of a new auxiliary gymnasium is underway and continues to progress, according to the school district’s mid-August message.

“The hallway display cases have been removed and filled with blocks. The subfloor is finished and cured. The exterior door frames are in place. The CMU (concrete masonry unit) block is being installed to begin the construction of the exterior walls and the contractors have started the electrical work,” according to the post.

The gymnasium is located near the existing school gymnasium and is funded by the school district’s capital reserve fund. The auxiliary gymnasium will be used for physical education classes, inclement weather and student arrivals, according to the district.

For more information on additional projects and Referendum Project timelines, visit

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