Crime Branch to Investigate WannaCry Attack on Berhampur Hospital Data System | Bhubaneswar News


BHUBANEWAR: The State Crime Bureau on Wednesday opened the investigation into the first WannaCry cyberattack against two computers at the Berhampur District Headquarters Hospital in Ganjam District. Although the incident happened on May 13, the case came to light on Tuesday. This coincided with two other cases of ransomware attacks in Ganjam district and Bhubaneswar.
A three-member Crime Branch team took over the Berhampur Town Police investigation, where the hospital’s additional district doctor, Saroj Mishra, filed a complaint on Wednesday morning. In the FIR, Mishra alleged that the hackers locked and encrypted data from the e-Aushadhi portal and the Hospital Information Management System (HMIS).
Special Director General (Crime) BK Sharma said the hackers demanded a ransom of US $ 1,200 in bitcoin to decrypt the data on the two computers. Sources said a bitcoin recently traded for $ 1,734.65. “Unlike regular money, which typically travels around the world through banks or financial agencies, bitcoins, or cryptocurrencies, can travel via digital cables without being hampered by processing fees or taxes. . It is a type of currency that allows people to buy goods and services and exchange money anonymously and without involving banks, credit card issuers or other third parties, ”he said. Sharma said.
IT experts said it would be difficult for the Crime Branch to track down the hackers. “The sender or the victim is usually asked to pay the ransom through normal banking methods. But the money will be converted into bitcoins when the hackers receive. It will be difficult to know who is getting the money and where. Hackers prefer the bitcoin digital currency transaction because of its secrecy and anonymity, ”said IT engineer Sushant Ray.
ASP (Berhampur) Vivek Saravan said two of the hospital’s 11 computers were hit on May 13. The hackers demanded $ 600 in bitcoin by May 16. They extended the deadline until May 20 and increased the ransom to $ 1,200 in bitcoin.
While the state’s electronics and informatics minister, Chandrasarathi Behera, was busy videoconferencing with all district collectors asking them to stay prepared to check on the WannaCry outbreak, reports from Suspected ransomware attack originated from a Primary Health Center (PHC) in Chhatrapur in Ganjam district. In Bhubaneswar, a microbiology student from Utkal University told media that her computer had been affected by ransomware. “We are checking both cases. Adequate measures are taken to prevent the cyber attack, ”Behera said.


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