Crime Data System May Stop Police Check | India News

NEW DELHI: While the Pan-Indian Crime and Criminals Database, better known as CCTNS, is already being used as a resource base for police verification for purposes such as passport issuance, verification servants and tenants, the Home Office is in talks with the Foreign Office to revise passport rules to fully integrate police passport verification with the CCTNS, thereby removing the need for a police officer to stand by. physically return to the applicant’s home.
CCTNS has already integrated 14,710 of the country’s 15,655 police stations online, enabling police personnel and law enforcement agencies including CBI, IB, ED, the Narcotics Control Bureau and the NIA access a person’s criminal record and background from any police station. in the countryside. The CCTNS can thus serve as a ready database for passport authorities to verify an applicant’s criminal background.
However, passport rules require the passport officer to return the police check request to the local PS office, which instructs local intelligence unit staff to perform a physical check by visiting the applicant’s residence and by also obtaining two references from his neighborhood. .
Prashun Gupta, deputy director of the NCRB which implements the CCTNS project, said the Home Office had filed a note for further integration of the police verification system of passport applicants with the CCTNS. That, he said, may require an update to passport rules and will shorten the time it takes for police checks.

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