Data Privacy Detective Podcast – Episode 83: Ethical Hacking and Data System Assessments

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Hacking – it gets bad press. For good reason. It is associated with bad actors who infiltrate computer system and steal organizational and personal information for criminal purpose. But pirating is just one activity. Ethical hacking is a way for businesses and individuals to test their data systems and prevent bad actors from breaking into them. Ethical hacking is a tool to protect data by enhancing defenses.

André Sollner is the Global CFO of wizlynx Group, a global provider of ethical hacking and penetration testing. André holds numerous certifications over a career spanning more than 20 years in the field of cybersecurity, including that of Certified Engineer in Data Privacy Solutions. It is our guide to how a system assessment is conducted in five phases, from understanding and mapping an IT system and all entry points, to a final assessment and report after the system has been ethically attacked.

This podcast episode will educate you on preventative system assessments that can strengthen defenses against data theft, ransomware attacks, and other data disasters. We discuss the range of personal information commonly found in company databases and key weaknesses in IT systems. You will get the best advice for protecting the privacy of organizational and personal data.

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