How to Convert Word Document File to HTML Web Page Template

Microsoft continues to update its Office products to provide a better experience for its customers. Among the many new features it introduced, one is to turn a Microsoft Word document into a web page. Although this feature also existed before, the new method is much simpler.

Convert and View Word Document File in HTML Web Page Template

You can convert and view a Word document file into an HTML web page template using one of the following methods.

1]How to turn a Word document into a web page using the Transform option

  • Once your document is created, click on Case at the top.
  • In the Case menu, select Transform.
  • Immediately, a side window opens with the name transformed into a web page.
  • From available Style models, choose the one you prefer.
  • Now click on Transform. If you are signed in to MS Office using your Microsoft account, it will use the same login. Otherwise, it will ask for the same.
  • You will be directed to the Microsoft Sway online pages.
  • You will also need to log in to the browser if you are not already logged in.

The webpage will appear. You can use it as you see fit.

2]How to convert Word document to HTML web page using Save As option

You can also save your Microsoft Word document as an HTML web page on your system. The procedure is as follows:

  • Once you are done creating the document, navigate to Case.
  • Now select Save as.
  • Click on Browse.
  • Now in save as typeChoose Web page and save the document to the appropriate location.

A major difference between these 2 methods of turning an MS Word document into a web page is that in the first case, you can choose the template and make the appropriate changes. If you learn MS Sway, more customization is possible.

In the second case, which is also the most traditional method, you do not have the possibility of choosing the model. The document is saved as an HTML file.

Using to turn a Microsoft Word document into a web page

The best use of turning a Microsoft Word document into a web page is to be able to store your data as documents on your website. When you have a massive amount of research, the best way to get it online is to use the method mentioned.

How to open MS Word web page?

When you save the MS Word document as a web page, it is saved with .htm extension and the format is HTML. When you click on this HTML file, it will open with your default browser. The system does not need to be connected to the internet for the same.

However, if you need to add it to your website or use it practically, another system should be used. The new method to transform your document using Microsoft Sway is useful.

What is Microsoft Sway?

Microsoft Sway is software that converts text and videos into online presentations which, in turn, form web pages and can be used to create websites.

Turn MS Word document into web page

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