How to link directly to text on a webpage in Chrome

Chrome now allows you to link directly to text on a web page. Chrome’s “scroll to text fragment” feature is a bit tricky to use, but googer Paul Kinlan has created an easy-to-use bookmarklet that makes it easy for you to enjoy.

If you are not familiar with Scroll to Text Fragment, this is a feature that only works in Google Chrome as of June 2020. It allows you to create a special link that tells Google Chrome to scroll and put highlighting a specific section of text on a website. page. Google now uses it in Google search results, so sometimes you’ll need to scroll directly to specific text on a web page after clicking on a search result. You can also take advantage of this feature yourself when you share a link with friends, family or colleagues.

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To get this bookmarklet, go to Paul Kinlan Scroll down to the text bookmarklet page. Drag and drop the “Search this page” bookmark link to the Chrome bookmarks toolbar. (If you don’t see the toolbar, you can press Ctrl + Shift + B to open it.)

Update: Google now offers a Link to Text Fragment browser extension you can use instead.

Added the Find in Page bookmarklet to the Chrome Bookmarks toolbar

To use the bookmarklet, go to any web page, select text with your mouse, then click the bookmarklet in your toolbar.

Click the Find in page bookmark

The address in the toolbar will now have the “scroll to text fragment” information in the URL.

You can copy this link and share it with anyone. As long as that person opens the link in Chrome, they’ll scroll directly to your selection on the webpage.

the "scroll to text fragment" markup in a url in chrome

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