How to Save a Webpage as a PDF on an Android Mobile

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Android has apps for just about everything. For example, it has applications for compressing videos, which do an outstanding job and are very easy to use. Moreover, the freedom offered by the platform even allows you to change the launcher and install Nothing Launcher on any Android mobile to modify the appearance of the operating system.

Having a web page in PDF allows you to have a file that can be shared with any contact.

There are also applications that will allow you to perform the task of save webpage as pdf no obstacles. For example, just install “Convert to Adobe PDF”. This application is safe and effective, it is available on the play store and it is free. In fact, a lot of mobiles have it factory-installed or part of the system, so depending on your situation, you won’t even have to download the app.

How to use “Convert to Adobe PDF”

To save a web page in PDF format on your Android mobile phone, you only have to follow these simple instructions so that you can download the portal you want in seconds.

– Open the website you want to save as a PDF.

– Click on the three dots menu that is in the upper right corner (vertical ellipses).

– Select “Share”.

– Now choose “Convert to Adobe PDF” app from the list that mobile will show you to start downloading.

– By default, the system will store the website in the “Downloads” folder. You will only have to enter said folder to access the file.

That’s all you need to do to be able to save a web page as a PDF on your Android mobile. It will take you little time and it is very easy to do. There are other apps you can use, but we recommend this one, which is the one we tested.


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