In this web page you will be able to know the origin and history of your surname

Knowing the origin of our surnames or that of any person is a curiosity that many of us seek to satisfy.

For this, there are pages on the Internet where you can find this information, as well as interesting data related to surnames in different areas.

Previously we have already discussed several options in the article 5 things you did not know about your last name.

One of them is Ancestry, a page where you will find information about origin of many surnames people for many decades.

How to Use the Ancestry Surname Search Engine

The first thing you should do is Enter last name you want to search in the area that appears on the screen and press the search button to generate the result.

You will notice the letters of the alphabet at the bottom. When you press one of them, you access another page in which a list of the most common surnames that existed at the time of 1940 in the United States according to the census taken at that time.

ancestry, page to search surnames_12

with a list at the bottom where you can choose display surnames beginning with the selected letter and the accompanying letter.

ancestry, page to search surnames_13

Once the result is displayed on the screen, the first thing we observe is a brief explanation of the origin of the surname found.

ancestry, page to search surnames_2

Scrolling further down the screen, you can see the United States map mark the presence of the surname consulted in different colors; this, accompanied by a text explaining demographic evolution who has carried the family name through time in this nation.

ancestry, page to search surnames_3

Next to the text there is a link text on the page which you can check the list of people who presented the surname consulted on their behalf.

ancestry, page to search surnames_4

Added to this, the page has a left filter where you can configure the data by which you want names that match the surname to be displayed.

ancestry, page to search surnames_5

It is worth mentioning that in the filter criteria you can adjust to view by continentswith which you will be able to see lists of people who match the last name consulted outside the United States.

Going back to the results page, we go to the next section in which a text is displayed describing the professions exercised primarily by people of the surname consulted in the United States for the 1940 era according to the census taken at that time.

ancestry, page to search surnames_6

Then you will see a section with three categories with images of documents from the 1940s such as passports, census registers and draft cards of persons who coincide with the surname consulted.

ancestry, page to search surnames_7

This image will appear included in the data corresponding to persons registered in the United States represented by an image icon.

ancestry, page to search surnames_8

ancestry, page to search surnames_9

You will be able to access these records by registering as an Ancestry user. You can do this by paying one of plans available or by clicking the Free Trial button.

It is worth mentioning that if you choose the latter, you must also enter your credit card details. This way, after the 14-day trial period expires, the automatic charge will be made to your credit card for $16 per month.

Continuing on the results page, we have the section corresponding to the Life expectancy presented by people with the surname consulted over the decades in the United States, from 1940 until 2004. You will find it represented in the form of a graph and accompanied by a text explaining the evolution of this indicator during the period of time mentioned.

ancestry, page to search surnames_10

Finally, we have the section of prominent personalities that match the last name consulted.

ancestry, page to search surnames_11

By clicking on one of these names, you will be redirected to another page where you will find a brief description of the person and their family, indicating Who did he marry and how many children did he have in his life?

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