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If you want to find new friends, stay online with your virtual friends, meet people to chat for free, make contacts and have a good time, enter SearchDesk's free chat rooms and have fun in a good way. Enter to chat for free now!

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A free chat site to make friends, online contacts, new relationships and have a good time.

Give Chat for mobile devices or cell phones

SearchDesk is a fully responsive and responsive site that you can easily use from any device. It doesn't matter if you are using an Android or Apple mobile device, SearchDesk is accessible from both. The mobile chat room is free and without any registration, just enter a nickname and have fun with girls and boys from Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and many more places! . You can chat with foreigners or with people from your own country. SearchDesk, makes it easy for the mobile user to get in touch with their friends. In the SearchDesk rooms you can also listen to the radio.

Rules of our chat rooms

SearchDesk has a series of rules and regulations that must be respected in the rooms to avoid inconveniences and possible bans or expulsions from the rooms. In general, the rules refer to:
* Do not use vulgar or abusive language in chat rooms and respect all other users, especially women and administrators.
* Never advertise your site or chat rooms here (avoid spam).
* Do not share personal or confidential information in the main chat.

Safety first

While you are in the chat, do not publish your personal data for any reason. Do not write your postal address and / or your telephone number either.

If you want to suggest a new room, or simply contact us, you can do so through the following email: [email protected]
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