LS telcom operates a television band database system for FCC


Lichtenau, Germany – The United States’ frequency regulator, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has authorized LS telcom to operate a television band database system to provide services to the public. The system will support radio devices approved by the FCC to transmit on unoccupied channels in the spectrum bands normally used by broadcast television, known as TV white space.

Radio devices are required to provide their geographic location to the database by means of an Internet connection. The system will return a list of channels available for operation of the device for its reported location and a given time period.

LS telcom white space database

MVPD (multi-channel video programming distributors) reception site operators, wireless microphone (LP-AUX) users, and temporary fixed broadcast auxiliary (BAS) service operators can register their sites in the database to benefit protection against tape TV devices as specified by the FAC.

The TV LS telcom white space database system synchronizes with the four other authorized TV white space systems. Before receiving full FCC approval, the LS Telecommunications Database underwent a rigorous forty-five day real-world testing period and specific interconnection tests.

Dr Georg Schöne, CTO and Board Member of LS telcom, said: “LS telcom has been in the spectrum management business for over twenty years. It is natural for us to invest in white space management and dynamic spectrum access solutions. The approval of our TV Band Database System by the FCC legitimizes our efforts and expertise in the field.


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Learn more about LS telcom’s expertise in dynamic spectrum access
LS telcom is at the forefront of dynamic spectrum access (DSA) issues around the world. The US Television White Space Database System is the first national spectrum policy implemented for dynamic spectrum access in television bands. Dynamic spectrum access represents a spectrum management approach complementary to those used for many years, and LS telcom’s commitment to developing dynamic spectrum allocation databases such as the TVWS database authorized by the FCC is an example of how DSA is becoming a reality for spectrum allocation.

LS telcom white space solution
The LS telecommunications white space management solution includes the database containing assignments, registrations and authorizations, and the spectrum license database, including the spectrum license data of historical users and protected spectrum . The system is based on more than twenty years of development of radio spectrum software, systems and databases, and includes comments and contributions from regulators in more than 90 countries around the world.

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About LS telcom
LS telcom software, system solutions and services relate to the efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum and the optimal functioning of radio communication services.

We are a global market leader in the supply of automated spectrum management systems and their integration with surveillance systems. We also have our own surveillance system, including fixed, portable and airborne sensors. At the same time, we develop and market software for the design, planning and optimization of broadcast, PMR, mobile and microwave networks. Strategic consulting, radio engineering services and training on network technologies, standards and regulations as well as on transmitter installations and measurements complete our area of ​​expertise.

Frequency regulators, government departments, network operators and infrastructure providers, system integrators and military organizations in more than 90 countries on all continents trust our solutions and services.

LS telcom operates worldwide with subsidiaries and affiliates in Canada, China, France, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States, as well as representative offices in Argentina, Hungary and Oman. With its head office in Lichtenau, Baden, Germany, LS telcom has been listed on the German Stock Exchange under ISIN number DE 0005754402 since 2001.

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