Manchin opens webpage for Congress-directed spending requests

Washington, DC – This week, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, opened his web page for Congressional Directed Spending (CDS) requests, also known as appropriations . This year, the Senate Appropriations Committee will once again allow communities and nonprofits to apply for targeted funding through the Congressional Expenditure Appropriations process in fiscal year 2023.

The webpage can be viewed by visiting The deadline to submit applications is Sunday, April 10 at 11:59 p.m.

“As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I work hard to ensure taxpayer dollars are allocated to priorities that benefit the people of West Virginia and all Americans while remaining economically responsible. investing in West Virginia has always been a top priority, and these federal investments drive innovation and boost our economy, while serving the needs of our state.These projects can range from supporting rural communities through investments in infrastructure and broadband, to funding programs that help small businesses or combat the drug epidemic,” said Senator Manchin. “This year, the Senate Appropriations Committee will allow state and local governments , nonprofits, and public entities to seek targeted funds through congressional-directed spending, and I look forward to reviewing r requests.”

The Senate Appropriations Committee helps draft laws to allocate federal funds to government agencies, departments, and organizations on an annual basis. Last year, Senator Manchin was proud to have secured more than $166 million in CDS projects for West Virginia. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Manchin ensures that federal spending is targeted on priorities that strengthen our country and promote, protect and benefit the people of West Virginia.

Additional Information on Congressional Directed Spending Requests:

Public and nonprofit entities can apply for funding through Congressional Directed Expenditures. If you would like to make a request for your community, please click on the Congressional Expenditure Requests link and complete the form.
If your organization participates in federally funded programs and would like to influence general funding levels for existing programs, please click on the link for programmatic applications and complete the form with your application instead.
All applications must include at least TWO (2) letters of support from third parties within the community or communities that would benefit from the application. These letters should clearly communicate the benefits the application would bring to the community.
The form and its deadline are subject to change pending direction from the Senate Appropriations Committee. This form, in whole or in part, may be made public.

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