Mercury Recognized for F-16 Secure Mission Data System | DoS-approved C-130 sale to Egypt


Northrop Grumman won a $10.5 million contract amendment, which adds the option to purchase 55 Link 16A kits, including 26 each for AH-1Z and UH-1Y production aircraft; two spares for AH-1Z aircraft; and a spare part for UH-1Y aircraft, as well as an A-kit testbed for the Navy. The Naval Air Systems Command is the contracting activity. The United States Marine Corps has replaced the two-bladed AH-1W Super Cobra with the AH-1Z Viper, which features a new four-blade composite rotor system, performance-tuned transmission, four-bladed tail rotor blades, improved landing gear and a fully integrated glass cockpit. The AH-1Z is equipped with an integrated advanced fire control system and the ability to support multiple weapon configurations. Work will take place in California and is expected to be completed by March 2024.

Mercury Mission has won a $165 million contract for the F-16 Secure Mission Data System. This award is the result of a non-competitive, sole-source acquisition followed by the production of Phase III of Small Business Innovation Research. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center has committed aircraft procurement funds, operations and maintenance funds, and National Guard and Air Force equipment trust funds. reserve worth more than $16 million on the prize. Work will take place in California and is expected to be completed on January 19, 2028.

Middle East and Africa

The US State Department has approved the possible foreign military sale to the Egyptian government of C-130 aircraft and air defense radar systems and related equipment for $2.5 billion. The Egyptian government has requested the purchase of three (3) SPS-48 (LBR) ground radars manufactured by L3 Harris, spare parts, motor generators, repeaters, radomes, technical manuals, site surveys , installation, calibrations, testing, operator training, and maintenance training associated with the SPS-48 LBR; obsolescence replacements of processor, channel management system, communication equipment, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), generators and/or transmitter control unit in LBR systems SPS-48 in service; Integrated Test (BIT) update and review of in-service SPS-48 LBR antenna systems; and other related logistical and program support elements. The total estimated cost of the program is $355 million. Prior to the announcement of the sale, a group of six House Democrats, including House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York and Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., called on the administration to insist that Egypt meet human rights criteria for military transfers.


A shipment of 80 tons of US anti-tank missiles has arrived in Ukraine. A plane loaded with 300 Javelin missiles worth around $50 million landed in the capital Kyiv on Tuesday night, the third part of a $200 million shipment of US military aid that is being sent to help its ally. The US Embassy in Ukraine announced Tuesday afternoon that 79 tons of security aid had arrived in Kyiv.

Asia Pacific

China has conducted a test flight for a new rocket engine that could power China’s future hypersonic and near-space planes. Developed by the Combustion and Spray Propulsion Laboratory of the School of Aerospace Engineering of Tsinghua University, successfully conducted a flight test on Monday morning, the Global Times reported citing a report from Central Television of China (CCTV).

Thales Australia will start development of a rocket engine for Australian hypersonic weapons. The Australian Hypersonics Research Precinct unveiled today by Defense Minister Peter Dutton at Eagle Farm in Brisbane will accelerate collaboration between Defence, industry, academia and international partners to advance Australian development of hypersonic technology .

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