Methods to Create a Desktop Shortcut to a Web Page

Most of the time that we are in front of a computer, we use it to surf the Internet and the truth is that we tend to use the same pages more or less always, visiting several of them several times a day.

The way to access these pages currently is to open the browser and type the address or if we have it in the favorites, we must access it and find where we have saved this website.

Well, maybe there is a faster way to access these pages and that will allow us not to waste so much time when it comes to having them on the computer screen.

It is a much simpler way than you can imagine and it is simply a matter of having shortcuts on the computer desktop to be able to access the pages we want.

Added to this is that we can make the specific browser that we have configured open, because as you well know, sometimes a website works better in one browser than in another.

Once we have created these shortcuts, the only thing we will have to do is double click on them and thus open the specific browser with the page we have selected.

It is a really comfortable and fast solution so that our favorite websites are always at hand and we can access them directly with the software that best suits this type of page.

Let’s see how we can do it.

Direct access in every browser under Windows

As we have already mentioned before, we can create a shortcut to open our favorite browser. In each of them this method is carried out in a different way, so we are going to see which ones are most used to be able to carry out this task.

Although we are going to see how to generate these shortcuts so that they are placed on the desktop of Windows 10 and Windows 11, the truth is that this access can then be moved to the taskbar to have it in this part of the system. operating If we want .

Google Chrome

As Google Chrome is the most used browser today, it is the first that we are going to know how to generate direct access to a web page that is placed on the desktop.

Here is what we should do:

  • The first thing will be start google chrome then click on the three vertical dots (menu button) at the top right of it.
  • When we have pressed the menu button we will see how several options appear, having to click on More tools.
  • In the drop-down list that appears, we will have to click on To create a shortcut.
  • Now we just have to put the name and press Acceptthen see that the direct access to this website appears on your desktop.

There is another method by which we can achieve the same task in Google Chrome.

The steps to follow are as follows:

  • To have to keep the page open that we want in the Google Chrome browser.
  • When that happens, we will hold down the padlock icon which appears next to the website name at the top of the browser, for later drag it to the desktop in an area where there is no icon.
  • This will automatically create a direct access to this web page.
  • This method will only work if the default browser of our computer is Google Chrome, because otherwise the access will lead to this other browser software.

Microsoft Edge

Another widely used browser is Microsoft Edgethe software that replaced the classic Internet Explorer.

In order to have direct access to a website with this browser, we must follow these steps.

  • We open Edge and we enter the site what we want
  • Then click on the Three points located in the upper right corner and, among all the options that we see, we click on More tools.
  • Now we will see that we will have two possibilities as they are Pin to taskbar That is pin to start.
  • We choose the option we choose, once this access has been created, we can always move it to the desktop at any time by simply clicking on it in a row and dragging it.

Microsoft Edge also offers another way to create a shortcut and it’s similar to what we saw in Google Chrome. To know, click on the padlock, which is next to the address of the web where we are then, and we drag it to a part of the desktop where there is no icon.

As in the previous case, Edge should be the default browser for this shortcut to open with this software.


In Mozilla Firefox we don’t have no options in the menu this allows us to generate direct access, so we will have to use the same second method that we counted in the previous cases.

We will click the lock which is right next to the name of the web page we are on, for drag it to the desktop And so I can have a shortcut of the web we were on.


We can say that this Top 4 browsers is completed by Opera, a software that has been widely used for many years now.

Just like in Firefox, Opera does not have no function in your configuration to create a shortcut to the desktop, or to the taskbar or start menu.

Therefore, the only way to do it is the same option that we had in previous browsers by clicking on the lock which is next to the URL of the website we are on, for later drag it to the desktop and for direct access to be generated automatically.

If you have a Mac

All those users who have a Mac They will also be able to create direct access to the websites they use the most and want to access faster.

For this, we only have to open web browser and access the specific page from which we want to generate said direct access.

Now in the address bar we highlight the URL (everything will be seen in blue), then drag it to the desktopin an area where there is nothing, to then release and see how the direct access occurs.

How could you read the extremely simple to get direct access to the websites that we use most on a daily basis and therefore have them always at hand.

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