nginx continues its rise to the top of the web server market


We reported in January that the open source nginx web server is gaining traction and has managed to overtake Microsoft IIS in terms of the number of active sites. Netcraft released its April webserver survey and it looks like nginx’s market share continues to grow.

A new web server for a new web market

A few years ago, Apache and Micrsoft IIS dominated the web server market. A quick glance at Netcraft’s 2007 metrics shows that Apache hosts over 50% of domains and Microsoft has a relatively close second place with almost 40% of domains; all other web servers have resigned themselves to sharing the tiny remaining market share.


source: Netcraft

The market is definitely changing. The number of sites polled by Netcraft has grown by more than 100% over the past year, from 676,919,707 sites in April 2011 to 312,693,296 in April 2012. This level of growth offers a great opportunity for market disruption. , and some seem to be happening. .

Although Apache and Microsoft still lead the market from a hosted domain perspective with 79.12% of the market – Apache with 65.46% and Microsoft with 13.66% – a seven-year newcomer nginx is rapidly gaining momentum. nginx now hosts 10.32% of domains, which is no less than Microsoft’s longtime number two.

the growth of nginx is even more impressive in terms of active sites. nginx managed to beat Microsoft’s second place IIS in January by reaching 12.18% of active sites, while Microsoft fell to 12.14%. Looking at the metrics from the start of the year, you can see that nginx has seen almost three times the growth in IIS.


The metrics for the most visited sites show a similar growth trend. Apache lost market share from 62.39% in March to 62.08% in April. In contrast, nginx rose almost a quarter percent to 10.09%.

Where does nginx go

Nginx may not be as well known as Apache and IIS, but it doesn’t look like it will be for long. Its low-resource, fast-performance design draws Facebook users to Dropbox.

The growth in adoption is also driving an expansion of nginx’s business strategy. Following in the footsteps of big open source players like RedHat, nginx announced in February its first set of commercial services that ranged from $ 12,000 per year to over $ 70,000 for 24/7 support. nginx also plans to release specifications for a new open source product in the middle of the year, with the actual product slated for late 2012.


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