Podcast your favorite websites using Google Assistant to read a webpage aloud

One of the most relevant features of Google Assistant on mobile is the automation of certain day-to-day functions. Reading is a habit I practice every day, but lately using Google Assistant to read news on my favorite channels has turned out to be a great tip. So my advice today is how to read web pages with Google Assistant on your phone.

This is not a new feature, as it has been available since 2020, and many websites already provide the newsreader feature. However, during home office this feature was a lifesaver and very easy to use. Plus, it’s a great accessibility feature on your smartphone.

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How to use Google Assistant to read a webpage aloud

This function works for both Android and iOS smartphones, as well as tablets, and all it takes is a voice command for the assistant to read news from your favorite web channel. And the most interesting thing here is that in addition to reading for you, Google Assistant can also translate on-screen information in real time.

Prerequisites for this are a smartphone with Google App support (version 10.96 or higher) and using the assistant in “English”. If all the settings are enabled, when you browse to the page you’re interested in, just ask your Google Assistant to read a webpage aloud:

  1. On your phone or tablet, go to a webpage using Google Chrome, the Google app, or the Google News app.
  2. Say “Hey Google”, then say one of the commands below or click “Read”:
    • “Read this page.”
    • “Read it.”
    • “Read aloud.”

Listen to news from NextPit using just a voice command / © NextPit

It is important to know that the Assistant only reads pages that do not require a subscription, as is the case with NextPit. Also, if English is not your native language, you can always use the translation feature to have your news translated in real time into the language of your choice. German and French are among the languages ​​supported on the platform.

The control to speed up the reading time is also available directly in the Google Assistant player interface. Regarding privacy, it is essential to mention that you can disable activity history on Google services such as the assistant directly from your Google account settings.

As an alternative to reading the news on the web, you can also subscribe to podcast channels from your favorite news sites or use the Curio app (paid subscription required), suggested in our Top 5 apps from the web. week.

So, do you ever use Google Assistant or any other virtual assistant to read web pages? What is your recommendation?

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