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Our goal is to enable scientists to be more productive by taking advantage of advances in computing power available on cloud platforms where data processing is increasingly routine, safe, acceptable and compliant.

Protein Metrics Inc, the industry leader in vendor-neutral protein characterization software, today announced that the previously announced collaboration with Thermo Fisher has resulted in an integration that enables automatic data transfer between Byosphere® software from Protein Metrics and the Thermo Fishers Chromeleon® (CDS) Chromatography Data System. Users can now securely and efficiently transfer data between software platforms and take advantage of interoperable data flows.

The companies have worked together for many years for the benefit of mutual customers by providing advanced mass spectrometry data processing and analysis capabilities to drive innovation across the spectrum of biopharmaceutical applications, from research and development to Quality Control.

“We are very pleased to work with Thermo Fisher as a partner and to respond to requests from our joint customers to enable them to take full advantage of our two software systems,” said Eric Carlson, PhD, CEO of Protein Metrics Inc. “Our goal is to enable scientists to be more productive by taking advantage of advances in computing power available on cloud platforms where data processing is increasingly routine, secure, acceptable and compliant.”

“Previously, we had to manually export MS data out of the Chromeleon CDS system for processing in Byosphere. Today, data is automatically synchronized between the two software platforms, and with the integration of Chromeleon and Byosphere, our feed MS workflows have become very streamlined,” said Dan Bach Kristensen, Principal Scientist Symphogen at Servier Company. “Symphogen employees can access and process data from any computer, and this has been essential to meet the increased demand for throughput in our MS lab.”

Interoperable data streams now also include the sharing of data acquired in Chromeleon CDS and derived not only from mass spectrometry but also from optical detection (such as ultraviolet (UV) and fluorescence (FLR) detectors). This further benefits the broader biopharmaceutical analytical customer base that regularly uses analytical approaches with optical traces for the quantification and quality assessment of different therapeutic protein variants.

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Protein analysis should never be limited by software. With a clear focus on protein characterization, Protein Metrics’ independent software allows scientists to use data generated on analytical instruments such as mass spectrometers to quickly identify and report protein sequences as well as any variation compared to the expected shape. We innovate so biopharmaceutical companies and academic research labs can get reliable results from their analyzes and reports. Together with our customers, we are boldly advancing protein characterization. Protein Metrics is headquartered in Cupertino, California, the crossroads of computing and biotechnology in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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