PSVR 2 gets an official webpage with pre-order notifications

PSVR 2 now has an official webpage.

As spotted on Reddit, Sony recently launched the new page, although it largely reiterates what we already know about the device. He talks about the new Sense controllers, eye tracking and headset vibration as well as 4K HDR visuals and reverse tracking. There is also mention of the headset’s first officially confirmed game – Horizon Call of the Mountain.

What it unfortunately doesn’t have are images of the headset itself, which is still under wraps despite the Sense specs and design that have been known for some time now. We hope Sony shows off more of the device at upcoming industry events like the return of the Game Developers Conference in March.

Finally, at the very bottom of the page is a registration form to receive notifications on the headset. This includes “game announcements, release dates, and when you can pre-order your headset.” You must register through your PlayStation account.

The page makes no mention of a release window for the PSVR 2, which remains in question. We’re hoping for a Holiday 2022 release window for the device, but the ongoing component shortage could possibly push it back further. Sony itself recently cited the shortage as the reason for the slowdown in sales of the PS5 console compared to the PS4.

We’ll tell you more about the PSVR 2 as soon as we have it. For now, you can catch up on everything we currently know about the device here, and we’re also keeping a list of rumored and confirmed games for the kit here.

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