Raspberry Pi web server is running Node.js

This week, YouTube tech channel PortEXE released a new Raspberry pie project: a Node.js web server. All of the configuration runs locally on the Raspberry Pi and is easily accessible from a browser window.

If you are not familiar, Node.js is an open source platform designed to run JavaScript. In this case, PortEXE uses it to create a custom web server. This will allow it to host a website and other types of server-based applications exclusively on the Pi.

For its web server, PortEXE uses a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. You can run this project on older editions of the Pi, but will experience a huge performance boost using a Pi 4 with more RAM capacity. The Node.js server is installed on the latest edition of Raspbian, now known as Raspberry Pi operating system.

PortEXE recommends using Node Version Manager (NVM), a Linux-based application used to install versions for Node.js. He used an app called Droppy for its file server functionality. Once configured, the file server was accessible through a web browser using the Pi’s local IP address.

While you can easily set up a web server on a PC, this project takes everything and isolates it on a centralized device. The Pi can be easily monitored and restarted without interfering with other PC functions. If you want to see more cool projects, you can check out PortEXE on its official website Youtube channel. We also have a tutorial on setting up your own Apache web server, which you can see here.

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