Sherlock Lite – All-in-One Mobile Data System for Digital Forensics


LAS VEGAS – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – ACME Portable, the manufacturer of high performance laptops, presents at CEIC 2014, booth # 413, the new portable forensic workstation.

Digital forensic medicine

In this digital age, we are seeing an increase in hacking attacks, data theft, money laundering, etc. Computer forensics involves investigating suspicious systems. Before examination and analysis can be performed, data from these suspicious systems must be recorded as evidence. In other words, duplicates must be created. The data cannot be manipulated in any way and therefore write blockers are used to ensure that the data is secure and not tampered with. The challenge is to do this task quickly and easily.

Sherlock Lite Workstation

The Sherlock Lite is the perfect portable solution which is excellent for accomplishing this task. Forget bulky equipment and heavy computers. Cloning large amounts of data from existing hard drives is no longer a difficult task.

The unit is a very compact and portable computer. Despite its compact design, it can be integrated with the latest Intel multi-core processors, plenty of memory, multiple hard drives and all possible connectors.

Laptops are not a suitable solution because they lack the necessary connectors, speed and performance. However, our laptop is an all-in-one, lightweight, durable, compact, cool and quiet solution for easy data replication.

While other units may have an external write blocker, our unit comes with the write blocker already installed. At an affordable price, this unit can deliver high performance, replicate data at high speed, and be deployed anywhere.

Simply put, the Sherlock Lite makes data acquisition affordable, less time consuming and less tedious. Investigators can capture criminals in the shortest possible time.


– Precise duplicates (hash function)

– 3 removable 3.5 “SATA drives

– Integrated write blocker

– 32 GB DDR3 (upgradeable)

– 18 TB of data storage

– Molex connector

– Extended connectors: 4xUSB 3.0, 4xUSB 2.0, 2xeSATA, 1xLAN, 1xFW400, 2xFW800

– Optional: SCSI, IDE and SAS connectors

– Cold water

About ACME Portable

Founded in 1994, ACME Portable is headquartered in the United States, with branches in Europe and Taiwan. We are dedicated to making the most integrated laptops on the market. All ACME laptops are designed and manufactured to detailed specifications.

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