Silverpop promises a personalized web page for each customer

It is no longer uncommon for marketers to personalize the messages they send via email, but these personalization capabilities have generally not been extended to web content. Enter Silverpop, which last week released a beta of Smart Content, a new product designed to enable just that.

Smart Content is not a stand-alone offer; rather, it relies on Silverpop’s various modules for marketing, tracking, and website design. The end result is a product that allows users to customize their web pages for individual customers based on recent purchases or actions that person may have taken.

“Let’s say a customer named Jim comes to visit a website,” said CRM buyer Bryan Brown, vice president of product strategy at Silverpop. “The website would recognize Jim as a loyal customer with 3,000 reward points. The website would greet Jim with a rating that since he’s a premium member with 3,000 reward points he gets a free upgrade.

Alternatively, Brown continued, the site could thank “Sarah” for watching a product video the other day and say, “We’d love to hear what you think.”

“Personal Marketing”

“Our goal with Smart Content is to help marketers meet the challenge of moving from audience-based marketing to personal marketing,” explained Brown. “Marketers have struggled with one-size-fits-all marketing products and platforms. “

Even with e-commerce applications specializing in personalization, “the best technology available is recommendation engines,” he added.

In those scenarios, furthermore, the user would have had to purchase something or otherwise log into the site or allow cookies to capture their data for the recommendation engines to work, he noted.

“We wanted to build something that would be applicable to all visitors,” Brown said.

How it works

Smart Content uses a number of Silverpop’s offerings and technology modules to bring a user to the point where their website can greet visitors by first name and ask friendly questions on a recently viewed product video.

It starts with using Silverpop’s unique identity technology to connect to the marketing database and website.

“So as soon as a visitor comes to a site, they are instantly alerted to what is known about that person,” Brown explained.

The personal content, ie the message “Hi Jim, we are upgrading you to Silver because of your 3000 points” is coded in native HTML rather than hard-coded as inflexible iframes.

“By not using the iframe, you are not locked into a section – site developers can use smart content all over the page,” he said.

With these tools in hand, the marketer is able to write content and calls to action – scripts that can be placed in the context of the website. Business rules also guide the display of messaging.

The end result, Brown said, is a product that has become a fluid part of the page.

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