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Suffolk County on Thursday launched a new information page on the county’s Reimagine Transit initiative.

County Director Steve Bellone said the webpage, which will be located on the county’s Connect Long Island website, will provide general project information and updates, as well as opportunities for residents of get involved by providing feedback through surveys and public meetings.

“Our future depends on adapting to the needs and wants of our diverse communities,” said Bellone. “The Reimagine Transit initiative does just that. This new webpage brings all the pieces of the puzzle together in a cohesive and convenient way for our residents to explore, providing updates on the project and resources for them to learn more.

The goal of the Reimagine initiative, which began in September 2020, is to restructure public transport services to provide a more efficient public transport system and to identify opportunities for using new tools, such as transport services on demand. It is funded by a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) grant from the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC).

Transparency of gifts

At their March 2 general meeting, the Suffolk County Legislature voted to approve lawmaker Susan A. Berland’s resolution to change the county code on transparency of gifts received by the county. Under the new law, the supplier of any gift to Suffolk County must certify that the gift is freely and properly provided.

“I have always advocated for transparency in government and while we are grateful to the individuals or organizations that give gifts to the county, it is our responsibility as lawmakers to prevent even the appearance of irregularity, “said Berland. “Making this process transparent ensures that all gifts given to the county comply with our ethics laws. “

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