Tech Designer hopes to create a better data system for hospitals


Programmer Kong Divine recently returned from a trip to the United States, where he won second place in a Microsoft Office setting in Texas. He had entered the same contest last year, but had not won any prizes, although it made him want to come back.

“I saw that last year’s winners were the pride of their country, so I wanted a success like them,” he recently told VOA Khmer. “It made me try harder to compete and bring honor to my country too.”

Kong Divine’s first encounter with a computer was at the age of 9, and he started reading information technology from his older brother’s manual. Her father is a doctor and her mother owns a pharmacy. He graduated from Sisowat High School and decided to study Computer Science at the University of Puthisastra and Medical Sciences at the University of Health Sciences.

Listen to the full VOA Khmer interview with Kong Davin in Khmer:

Now, in a country where pirated software is common, Kong Divin hopes to design a better data system to help Cambodian hospitals. “In the IT field, once you do that, you will see a result,” he said. “I feel happy when I am tested for writing code.”

Divin’s father Chhum Chheng Kong said he watched his son win in Texas via webcam and shared his happiness. Her son has always been studious, said Chhum Chheng Kong. “He studies until 1 am or 2 am most nights,” he said. “His mother usually advises him not to spend too much time at night, but he prefers the night to the morning.”

Mork Ratha, dean of the science faculty at Puthisastra, said he noticed the talents of Kong Divine during the two years he had taught him. “Divine is an active student in the classroom and he is intelligent,” Mork Ratha said. “He always does research, so when we explain it to him, he easily grasps the lesson. “

And while many Cambodians who earn two degrees may struggle to connect the two, Kong Divin believes he has found a way: to improve Cambodia’s medical system through better data.

“In fact, IT can be used in all areas as an enterprise solution,” he said. “Because we control all the data through systems. Data control in a hospital cannot be done yet [in Cambodia]. We can only control [a patient’s] Name. What should be the main focus is the artificial intelligence of the computer. He needs a lot of information from doctors to control this data.

Kong Divin incorporated a similar idea into a business model competition in early 2015. There, he and his teammates created a website with information about Cambodian hospitals, to help people make the decision to go. seek treatment abroad.

“We created a website that aimed to convince people to go to the local hospital, rather than go abroad for treatment,” said Kong Divine. “Going abroad costs money for transport and medical costs, but it can also be done in Cambodia. What they lack is information the hospital can trust.

In the future, he hopes to build a system to digitize a patient’s records at the hospital. This will improve the health system in Cambodia, he said.


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