The Coolest Database Systems Companies in Big Data 100 2021


Top management

The total volume of data created or replicated globally reached 64.2 zetabytes in 2020, according to the IDC market research, and will continue to explode at a compound annual growth rate of 23% through 2025.

Statistics like these thrill database administrators, who have to manage, organize and process all this data. To productively use ever-increasing volumes of data, businesses and organizations need the right database technology to manage massive volumes of data and make it available for transactional and analytical applications.

As part of Big Data 100 2021, CRN has compiled a list of database systems companies that solution providers should know about. They include more established vendors such as Redis Labs, MongoDB, and MariaDB, but also many startups such as Cockroach Labs, PlanetScale, and Rockset.

This week, CRN presents the Big Data 100 list in slide shows, organized by technology category, with vendors of business analysis software, database systems, data management and integration software, data science and machine learning tools and big data systems and platforms.

(Some vendors market big data products that span multiple technology categories. They appear in the slide show for the technology segment in which they are most important.)


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