timeSSD The standard time data system with built-in social manufacturing features

FRANKFURT – May 9, 2017 – www.timeSSD.com is now online based on a collaborative platform concept. Five months after acquiring the rights to the SSD (Standard Sewing Data) software from AJ Consultants / Finland, the completely redeveloped software entered a public evaluation process. timeSSD has all the standard data element sets with predetermined SSD time values, includes the MTM-2 database, and is now available to everyone as a more cost-effective and intuitive web service, extended with functionality of social fabrication.

DataS develops software solutions dedicated to the clothing industry to increase operating and manufacturing performance. timeSSD provides the “must-have” benchmark data for efficiency monitoring and incentive compensation in labor-intensive industries, especially apparel manufacturing. However, is a collaborative platform where the user develops working methods and private workflows and has the possibility to share them with the selected partners.

Laszlo Szabo, Managing Director of DataS, said: “A shared workflow, based on standard methods, between customer and manufacturer means more than transparency and trust. The discussion of the cost of manufacture could be limited to the price / minute factor, perhaps the necessary equipment, in addition. Likewise, the web-based collaborative concept equips manufacturing consultants with their indispensable tool, available anytime, anywhere, as a service. “

timeSSD has a native connection to the General Production Data (GPD) Workshop Control and Material Requirements Planning software solution developed by DataS. The real-time data collection based on the GPD QR code from the workshop provides the data sets for the self-measurement-based time studies as feedback for the method engineers.

Posted on May 11, 2017

Source: DataS

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