Top 5 webpage change detection tools of 2021

The World Wide Web or the Internet is a massive database and collection of various information that is readily available online, and it also serves as a common ground for businesses and customers to do business and begin interaction. for products or services. The change of web page detection tools help filter these sites for the convenience of the users.

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Recent technologies have improved and this means that larger and better defined screens would allow users to see the changes. However, designs and preferences also matter, as minimalist and simple designs tend to have imperceptible changes or updates, not to mention that the world has also relied on smartphone technology which has reduced costs. Web pages in screens for mobile, more than half the size of desktops.

What is a web page modification detection tool?

Web browsing

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The answer to this problem is called the webpage change detection tool, and it provides easier access that might increase a person’s needs as it determines the many changes made by one or the other. Parties. Not only does it detect changes, but the software or online tool can also help provide notifications and updates whenever something is adjusted.

Why do you need a webpage modification detection tool?

Web browsing

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The question is, do you need this type of service, especially if you are just a user and wouldn’t need it on a business scale? Chances are you still need it, as it can save the user all the hassle of checking an entire webpage, only to see that there was no update if she was missed.

It is a huge disappointment if the user misses a certain update or activity like, for example, registering for the coronavirus vaccine in your region, or anticipating a restocking of one of today’s most coveted technologies, the Playstation 5.

Top 5 webpage change detection tools

In this review, webpage change detection tools are ranked using three metrics to determine its popularity and public reception with its features and product. The metrics used are Alexa Rank (lower ranking means better or more popular), ease of use and pricing, and advanced features (accessibility and affordability).

VisualPing COVID-19 Vaccine Alerts

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Currently there are nearly 1.5 million users of the Visualping service and 85 percent of them are the popular Fortune 500 companies which are huge industry tycoons. Earlier last month, as the COVID-19 vaccination opened its doors to the public, Visualping is one of the tools that have been used to help determine slot availability in each state or region.

Alexa Rank: The Alexa Rank metric reveals that Visualping is on the 60,401, which means it is extremely popular and many users use the software for all webpage detection needs. In the website change tool industry, Visualping is one of the best-known brands around.

Ease of use: Using Visualping is easy and highly accessible for users as they only need to register their email address to receive updates on a specific website to configure the service. In addition, various tools are offered, such as allowing the tool to connect to the service for you, keeping the connection information secure.

Price, advanced features: Visualping.IO is free for all transactions or web pages, but offers a paid version starting at $ 13. The best advanced feature of the tool is the auto login feature which can immediately register a person when availability is detected by the tool.


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OnWebChange is one of the more robust tools on this list, as it offers SMS alerting to users (operator fees may apply), URL callbacks, and a multi-regional approach that doesn’t limit it to one location. What is most commendable about OnWebChange is that it has sophisticated tools that complement its services for the convenience of users.

Alexa Rank: 281,896, the service showing the growth and popularity of the company with the public and industry.

Ease of use: OnWebChange offers a variety of tools ranging from basic tools to a host of advanced tools that would help improve processes and oversight by performing more functions for the service. URL callbacks and other complex processes can be easily set up and users can create their accounts to fully maximize service.

Price, advanced functionality: OnWebChange charges for a free version to a paid lite version that starts from $ 1.24 all the way up to $ 12.50 depending on the service needed and how much tracking is needed. URL callbacks are the most popular feature for OnWebChange, providing notifications and updates on changes.


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Wachete is one of the first to launch a smartphone app that would issue push notifications that complement alerts for website change tools, aside from email notifications. However, Wachete is primarily a tool for the desktop platform and would require users to configure its services through the PC to access the website and tools.

Alexa Rank: 349,074

Ease of use: What’s most commendable about Wachete is that it allows users to add multiple pages to watch, as these subpages may contain other results than what the user is browsing. Users can also archive monitoring history for 12 months, in case they need to revisit relevant web pages for the needs they require. Also follow web file formats such as PDF, DOCX or JSON files.

Price, advanced features: Launches a free version with limited functions and starts its paid services for $ 4.90 per month, up to $ 299.00 / month for business monitoring needs. Wachete launches web file formats, which are unique among detection tools, as well as archive history which provides users with options on and back to various websites.


Customization of website edit tools notifications may be limited in availability, but offers this service, as “noisy” edits that are not relevant can be filtered out by its service. This ensures maximum efficiency in website tracking, allowing people to focus on the relevant information they need.

Alexa Rank: 1,926,218 in the last 3 months

Ease of use: Users can share Trackly’s monitoring statistics with other users using a shareable link, but not necessarily by sharing their details. Users can also bulk load URLs to determine different pages and monitor their changes.

Price, advanced features: Ranging from the free version with up to 3 tracks, with paid services starting at $ 9 per month. Bulk URL Loading is one of its most advanced features, as it allows users to discover and compare multiple sites, which helps determine the greatest number of changes in various services.

Change detection

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ChangeDetect has one of the most intuitive interfaces among the webpage change detection tools on the list, as it can send emails, text messages, and ICQs to a user every time there is an update. occurs on the site. The cloud-based tool helps to efficiently determine the different changes that are relevant to the user and are important for research.

Alexa Rank: 4,593,756

Ease of use: ChangeDetect offers color-coded notifications with its tools, highlighting and keeping necessary detections as a priority to present to the user. It could also give potential notices whenever the monitored website has a broken link which could hamper the search as a waste of time.

Price, advanced features: ChangeDetect offers a free service. Color-coded notifications can significantly help determine the significance of the change, saving users the time and effort of going through a website with its notifications.

Alas, avoid wasting your time checking pages for changes, neglecting important edits, and wasting your time when there aren’t any. Sign up for any of these best webpage change detection tools to automate the process of page monitoring.

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