Ultra successfully updates platform data system on Royal Navy Type 23 frigates

Ultra announced the successful Platform Data Management (PDM) update for the Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigates. The updated PDM system delivers navigation and critical data from sensors to numerous systems around the vessel.
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The Type 23 frigate is a class of frigates built for the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. The ships are named after the British Dukes, so the class is commonly referred to as the Duke class. Pictured is HMS Sutherland, a Type 23 frigate. It has deployed all over the world, and specializes in hunting submarines (Image source: Royal Navy)

The system upgrade was designed to provide optimum performance to meet modern geospatial and temporal benchmarks and the flexibility to accommodate new and old interfaces, with minimal disruption to infrastructure and wiring. ships.

“Ultra continues to provide the best solutions to the Royal Navy,” said Bernard Mills, president of Ultra Sonar Systems. “We are extremely proud to be a part of the Royal Navy’s efforts to protect our waters. This new system update will use modern technology and techniques to improve performance, reliability and resiliency; fight against obsolescence; and facilitate installation and maintenance.

“The upgrade uses modern network technology to deliver low latency and timely data to remote systems distributed around the vessel, while also providing integration paths with digital compasses, sensors and networks. modern combat systems.

It paves the way for upgrading interfaces, while also supporting legacy interfaces that are retained as needed, which will reduce technical risks, extend platform longevity, and lower service costs throughout the life cycle. lifetime for supporting obsolete analog interfaces, such as Synchro technology.

The upgrade allows PDM to continue to provide the data distribution service in support of the UK’s Royal Navy Type 23 (LIFEX) Life Extensions and can easily be applied to other platforms- naval forms and data distribution systems, both for the British Royal Navy and export markets.

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