Vacaville sets up backyard chicken farming webpage – The Vacaville Reporter


The town of Vacaville has unveiled a new web page designed to inform residents about raising backyard chickens as well as to allow residents to give their opinion on the update of the ordinances in force.

A discussion on allowing chickens within the city limits of Vacaville on lots less than one acre took place at the Vacaville city council meeting on August 26, 2014. At this meeting, the council a asked city staff to write an ordinance for review. The Vacaville urban planning commission and the Vacaville municipal council will hold hearings on any draft ordinance.

“We want to hear from people on both sides of the issue,” said Barton Brierley, director of community development for the town of Vacaville. “In doing so, we will be able to craft an ordinance that reflects the wants and concerns of all involved.”

Updates on future backyard chicken farming hearings will be posted on the page. Residents can also access a survey that also asks a variety of questions related to backyard chicken farming, from lot sizes to the number of birds allowed. Comments on the topic can be emailed to the Community Development Department through the web page, and an email database will also be established.

To access the page, visit


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