Web Server Module From: Siemens Industry

By providing a Wi-Fi access point, the wireless connection on this module facilitates configuration, programming, commissioning, production monitoring and maintenance on a variety of production machinery and equipment.

A simple and integrated graphical user interface (GUI) allows easy operation of the Siemens Sinamics V20 in every phase of operation. No separate app is needed, nor a written user manual necessary, which makes the operation of this new server module and the resulting drive control very intuitive and easy to learn.

Smart Access provides convenient access to Sinamics V20, up to 100 meters away, even when the drive is in hard-to-reach installations. Utilizing WPA2 security, the web server module offers full flexibility with iOS and Android operating systems, as well as commonly used HTML5 compatible web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and others.

An integrated multi-color LED provides a quick readout of communication status. Security features allow limiting/restricting operator access and control functionality.

In use, the Sinamics V20 Smart Access module requires only a few configuration steps and no additional software installation or download is required. The built-in Quick Setup Wizard provides users with a quick and easy commissioning procedure, allowing all of the following: motor data can be entered and checked, connection macros for digital inputs/outputs can be activated, application macros can be selected and activated for pumps, fans, compressors and other devices as well as common and frequently used parameters on the drive can be set for motor start, acceleration, deceleration, min./ max. speed, etc.

Smart Access allows monitoring of drive status, including speed, current, voltage, temperature and power, as well as drive maintenance, with an overview of alarms, faults and individual values. Error codes can be e-mailed to a local service provider, while the immediate status of all digital and analog inputs and outputs can be checked at a glance. Parameter tuning, motor test functions and full data backup, storage and sharing with fast firmware downloads can all be done through the web server.

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